WEEK 5 - DAY 34

“We’ve heard true stories from our fathers about our rich heritage. We will continue to tell our children and not hide from the rising generation the great marvels of our God – his miracles and power that have brought us all this far.”
- Psalm 78:3-4

There is a stand of Maritime Pines in Hagley Park that were planted around 1870, set apart from those around them, upright and strong, soaring heavenward. Those who planted them did so in the knowledge that they would never see them in all their fullness, never sit beneath their rising canopy yet they planted them all the same, knowing the trees would outlive them, outgrow them, but that one day their great great grandchildren might walk amongst them and marvel at their grandeur. The trees would serve as reminders of where they had come from. Throughout the bible we see God’s big picture, pay-it-forward plan unfolding as He seeks to act in the present but always with the future picture in mind. There is a Maori whakatauki that says, “Ina kei te mohio koe ko wai koe, I anga mai koe I hea, kei te mohio koe, ki te anga atu ki hea - If you know who you are and where you come from, then you will know where you are going.” When we fully grasp who we are in Christ and His redemptive plan for us, then we can know with surety where we are going.

What this means for us today is that we can pray in the knowledge that our prayers for our children or the children of others, are seeds planted. We water them and whisper over them, we embody them with our hopes and desires for now and for successive generations to come because our prayers of today may continue to bear fruit long after we are gone.


Lord, we are just so thankful for your love for us, You are such
a majestic God who loves us with such an expansive love, we may never fully comprehend it. You are all at once sovereign and intimate and we do marvel at the way You are at work in all creation. May we never forget the ways You are at work in our lives and give us the boldness to keep telling the stories of your wonder. Amen.


Why not do an Old Testament bible study with your children or friends? Marvel together at how God has worked out, and continues to work out His eternal plan of restoration.