WEEK 6 - DAY 37

“For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” - John 3:16

This is probably one of the best-known and loved verses
of the Bible. It is used as an invitation to salvation and as a reflection of the wide and deep love of God to the world. These verses remind us that God is the initiator of all things
to do with relationship and salvation. It’s so easy to subtly be making our own way to God, to find we are trying to author our own salvation through effort and good works. Instead of letting these familiar words wash over you try and read them slowly and deliberately. Read them several times. This is God’s love towards you, towards the family members, friends and colleagues you love who don’t currently know God. This is
an invitation to respond to God not to earn His love. Equally we see in these verses that deep love costs, and it means going towards the enemy, (remembering we have been the enemies of God). Real love, as God has in Trinity and we are invited into, will shift something deep inside us where love will motivate us outwards. We will find that sacrifice and personal cost are worth it because being loved so deeply by God needs to find its own expression in our lives. May we be people whose love looks like going, kneeling, leaving behind the glory and pointing the way to life and love eternal.


God, how can I begin to grasp how all-encompassing your love is for me? How can I live deep into the truth of the love that comes to find me whatever state I have got myself into? God, would you give me a new glimpse of that love today and would You transform me with your love so that I can go a second and third mile to be love in difficult places. Thank you God, with all of me. Amen.


Ask God to give you the grace today to love wider, to see a difficult colleague, customer or family member through the eyes of love. If God moves you, try to think of one practical way you can love a person who is hard to love. Could you genuinely pray God’s best for them? Could you let them know via text, email or in conversation something you truly admire or appreciate about them?