WEEK 6 - DAY 38

“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water’.” - John 7:38

When the Lord draws us to Himself and we first believe, He cuts out our old, lifeless and cold heart and gifts us a new heart of flesh that is alive, pulsing and beating in rhythm with Him.

When we submit our hearts to Christ and allow Him to be our sole source of nourishment, He generously pours His lifeblood into us through His Spirit. We become one with Him, united in desire, purpose and will, seeking to do only what we see our Father in heaven doing and saying only what we hear Him say.

His grace gushes into us, constantly flowing and moving as a blessing to those who believe. However, it is a flowing river, not a stagnant pond, and Christ intends for His abundant
life to be poured out through the heart of the believer as

the promised blessing to the world. We are the conduit for the Father’s love bringing living water that is refreshing, cleansing and restores to life those who come to drink from its never-ending fountain. This is not just a promise for the gift of eternal life, as profoundly amazing as that is, but

also a promise for fullness of life in Him here - of peace, joy, comfort, and the knowledge that we are unconditionally and lavishly loved right now.


Lord, we thank you for your incredible grace and the abundant life that you so generously pour into us. We ask that your Spirit purifies and cleanses our hearts, so that through us your life-giving blessings may flow freely into the world. Amen.


In this verse, Jesus asks us to do only one thing - BELIEVE in Him. This is the only precondition that qualifies us to carry and release the living water of the Holy Spirit. Surrender your heart to the work of the Spirit afresh every day and He will transform you into a vessel out of which cascades His life giving blessings just as God promised.