WEEK 3 - DAY 20

“For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.” - Psalm 36:9

Life can be hard. We all know this. Things do not always go the way we hope or expect them to; people disappoint us and hurt us. You only have to read the headlines of the world news to see the darkness & despair that exists in this world. Depressing thoughts aren’t they?

However, this is why our focus and our source in life is
so important. It is very easy to be discouraged by our surroundings and our circumstances but this verse reminds us that Jesus is our source of life. Definitions of the word fountain include, ”the source from which something proceeds or is supplied,” and “a reservoir containing a liquid which can be drawn off as needed”. Therefore, whatever you feel is making you lack life just now, draw close to Jesus and drink from his abundant supply of life. Moreover, as for all the darkness that we see in this world, shift your gaze and your focus from the darkness that exists to His light, which can extinguish the dark. As you focus on the light that Jesus is and Jesus brings, you will begin to see how His light and His Hope can and does break through the darkness to expose evil and bring life.


Thank you Jesus that your light is bright enough to eliminate any darkness. Lord, would You shine your light into the dark situations I see in this world & bring life to all who need your touch today. Amen.


This week every time you see, hear or read about bad news in this world, pray the above prayer into the situation and over the people affected.