WEEK 2 - DAY 8

“‘For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate.” - Luke 15:24

There is nothing better than having a celebration of some kind to look forward to, a wedding, significant birthday or anniversary, or even the return of a loved one from overseas. The only thing better though, than looking forward to the event ... is the celebration itself!

The story of the lost son finishes with a great celebration because the father is overcome with joy due to the return of his lost son. There are many things we can celebrate throughout life and all are precious in the sight of God.
He loves when people find joy in His gift of life toward us. However, we can enter in with God Himself and the angels that surround him to an ongoing celebration. It is the celebration of His lost children, who have found their way home through Jesus Christ.

In almost every place in scripture, where we see celebration going on, it seems it is in light of God rescuing His beloved people. Even ‘the end of all ages’ it seems is celebrated with a huge wedding feast! As God’s family, we are invited to join this celebration on a daily basis, rejoicing in the fact that
our Father in heaven is searching out and bringing home His children all over the world. In fact, this joy is the fuel by which we are to not only rejoice on a daily basis, but also to be His hands and feet in proclaiming His message; witness to this incredible love.


Lord, as I rejoice on your great love for me today, that
love that pursued me even in my sin, my doubt and my brokenness, help me to surrender to your Spirit and be a bright shining light for others to find their way home to your loving presence. Give me courage to share with others the reason for the joy I find in You. Amen.


Look for opportunity over these next few days, to hear someone’s story of how they found their way home to God. Celebrate with them and ask God to use you both to help someone else come home to the Father.