WEEK 2 - DAY 13

“Go to the lost sheep of Israel and as you go preach, ‘the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” - Matthew 10:6-7

The apostles, steeped in OT law, history and prophecy, like the prophets and kings and patriarchs before them were waiting’ At the ‘bus stop of fulfilment’, they gazed into the distance looking for transport! Therefore, when Jesus said, “go to the lost...and preach the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”, this was a clue that the waiting was almost over. The people of God were waiting to recover what was lost. Since the days of Eden where our ‘parents’ walked with God, the intimate relationship with Him was lost. But not only the relationship but also the fruits of that relationship. Also, ‘lost’ was peace, innocence, purity, health, abundant life, and pleasures we cannot begin to imagine. The joy of the garden was long gone, but now the kingdom was at hand. Of course, this absolute fullness will only be experienced when; with our new bodies we walk the golden streets of New Jerusalem.

However, some of that which was lost can be experienced now. The disciples discovered this quickly as they went out and preached, with miracles of salvation and healing readily at their hands. They must have been so excited! No more waiting but rather experiencing. A steady stream of buses all at once at the ‘stop of fulfilment’! Jesus words are for us also as the ‘lost’ (people and experiences) can be ‘found’ today. We have every reason, if we can grasp it, to be as excited as the disciples would have been on the day their waiting, as Israelites, finally ended.


Lord, thank you that the waiting is over. Lead me into experiencing the reality of your kingdom. May the excitement felt by the disciples be found in me, may all that was lost be recovered in my day-to-day experience. Amen.


Read through repeatedly the words of Jesus concerning the kingdom. Speak them aloud and proclaim them over yourself and others. Declare them to the enemy, to your own soul and express faith for their fulfilment.