WEEK 1 - DAY 1

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” - John 15:13

“Biblical love is judged greater than either hope or faith,” (1 Cor 13v13). It is in stark contrast to our human love and its limitations. Jesus in this passage is asking us to love one another (vs 12) and He is letting us know what His kind of love looks like (vs 13). It is love that sacrifices its life for another.

The most precious possession that we have is our life, and we are asked to lay it down for our friends. Jesus showed this kind of love throughout His earthly life. He didn’t only lay down His life on the cross, He also laid it down each and every day. He showed endless compassion and care for the crowds who needed His help, teaching and healing.

In times of great danger people may lay down their actual lives for others, but we may never be asked to make such a sacrifice. However, each day we can make clear and deliberate choices to love, putting our needs second and the needs, welfare and wellbeing of others first.


Jesus, we are so thankful for your example and your sacrifice. Your death and the gift it brings to us is the one act that makes it possible for us to love with your kind of self-sacrificing love. Please help us to love with your endless and far-reaching love and to make a difference in all our relationships. Amen.


In what ways can I show love in my relationships? Today, how can I be more loving in my family, in my place of work, in my neighbourhood? How can I put the wellbeing of others ahead of my own today?