WEEK 1 - DAY 2

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” - 1 Peter 4:8

We are being asked here to show deep love continually to our Christian family, forgiving each other again and again! The disciples wanted to know how many times they needed to forgive. We are so prone to wanting to measure, to have a limit we do not have to exceed.

Have I forgiven enough times? When can I stop? When is it okay for me to take offence and stop having a relationship with this difficult person? The interesting thing is Peter tells us love covers a multitude of sins. Not a set number, but a number that we would recognise as impossible to measure. This is the love we are asked to express for each other in the church.


Lord, we are so aware of the gap between our human love and the love that you are inviting us to show. We are so thankful for your grace. Our love and our forgiveness need to come from you.

Help us to love people we find difficult to love. Please help us to love them deeply and sincerely and to continually desire their welfare. Amen.


How can I be more patient and forgiving in my relationships with fellow believers?

How can I cover over and forgive the things that have caused me hurt?

What can you do today to restore and build a relationship that you find challenging?