WEEK 1 - DAY 3

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were sinners, Christ died for us.” - Romans 5:8

God reaches across the breach, to a people with their backs to Him, intent on their own way, their own kingdom, their own will being done - to these people Jesus stretches out His arms on a wooden cross and dies a sinners death.

We are these people.

We have built our own empires, lived our own ways, consigned God a back seat so long as we are not disturbed while we do what seems good to us. It is not hard for me to recall times when I chose my way and my will – what is extraordinary is that these are the very moments that God invites me, “See, I love you still. See, I have died to set you free.”

The scars on the body of Jesus are not evidence of my willingness to follow, my deservedness to be welcomed home. They are evidence of a God whose love is wide, wild, and reckless. God’s love cannot be measured or fathomed it is eternal and freely given to all, regardless of our response. God offers this love to us all. God invites us to be transformed by this love and to demonstrate this love to others. What would the world look like if the followers of Jesus lived lives of lavish, reckless and wildly welcoming love?


God, would you reveal to me today a little more of your love towards me? Would your love soak deep into my knowing and would it continue to give me strength and courage. God, would you show me, and assist me in, offering the same kind of love, difficult as that is, to those I encounter today. In your name Jesus and for your glory God. Amen.


Today, when someone cuts you off in traffic, interrupts you, belittles or annoys you ask God to help you respond in love to them. To pray God’s best on their day, to let go of feelings of revenge and to offer them the acceptance of being another imperfect person who God loves.