WEEK 1 - DAY 4

“But you, Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.” - Psalm 86:15

For anyone that has done the day to day of parenting little people, you will be familiar with a life where another person has complete access to you. Your waking moments filled with fingers in your eyes and high pitched talking in your ears, your requirement for a quiet cup of tea superseded

by another person’s need for breakfast, a cuddle, or to offer you the toilet brush (true story). You long for a day when you have the luxury of a shower without interruption, or to close the toilet door without fear of what may be happening on the other side (or the reality of being accompanied at all times, even in the toilet).

Maybe it is difficult to see how this relates to the love of God towards us - yet, in these verses I am reminded that this is the love God offers us, a love that has full access to God. We are not people of the outer courts, who must come to God via convoluted means - we may race day or night into God’s loving presence. We may know the full assurance of God’s compassion, grace, patience and abounding love and faithfulness despite the ‘messes’ we produce. What a beautiful love it is.


God, help me not to be fearful or careful in my approach to You. Let the truth of these verses ignite in my heart
a freedom so full and joyful that I may race with total confidence towards You. Help me God to trust in your character and to grow in this character myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you God for your great love. Amen.


Today, remind yourself at all occasions, especially those when you are less than you would like to be, that God
is loving, forgiving, faithful and compassionate. As you meditate on the truth of these things towards you, ask God for an opportunity to share what it is to be loved in your failure, with someone who needs to be offered this too.