WEEK 4 - DAY 27

“Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.” - Matthew 20:26

Today, there’s often talk about strong leaders, about someone who can come in, stamp their authority on things, and coerce others into doing things the ‘right’ way. Two thousand years ago, this was no different. One such person, the Emperor, ran the Roman Empire. In Judea, the Jews hoped for a similar strong leader to revolt against Rome and once again bring glory back to a new independent nation of Israel. What they got however, was Jesus.

Jesus, who was in His very nature God, made Himself a servant dying a humiliating death, (Phil 2:5-8). He did not use His divine power to take over and smash the baddies, (Matt 4:8-10). Instead, He repeatedly pointed to love and service as not only imitating God’s heart but as the proper way to lead. So much so that one of His last acts before His death was to wash His disciples’ feet.

Truly strong leadership is about being strong enough to get on our knees and serve, about getting our hands dirty, it about dying to ourselves and living for God and for others. It’s not about bringing glory to ourselves, but to God.


Jesus, we praise you because you are truly amazing. You, by whom and through whom all things were made, loved us so much that you gave up all the privileges of being divine and suffered death on a cross so that we could be reconciled

to you. Help us to have the same heart, willing to sacrifice prestige for loving others. Amen.


Look for a way to serve someone today without them even knowing it was you!